Be A Local Ag Hero and Eat Great! 


Keep Fresh Local Food in Manomet! 
Holmes Farm was not only a beautiful place to go, it was a community space that supported local food, community spirit and a sustainable environment where customers could be guaranteed that the food was local and fresh. 
We want to create another magical location where the community is welcomed and celebrated and where access to local, high-quality food is top priority.

As many of you may know we were just barely half way though our first 10 year license to  Holmes Farm when the landowners suddenly terminated the license. With only 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas to vacate and pack up we have been quite busy. We have dedicated over 6 years to growing and sourcing fresh local food. We want that to continue here in Manomet. The community of Manomet has come to love and depend on our farm stand and we are determined to continue with your help. 
We are asking you to keep fresh local food available here in Manomet and in Plymouth. We not only grow our own food but also keep thousands of dollars in our local ecomony by also sourcing from and supporting other local farmers. 

How? By securing a retail location at 629 State Rd. Once secured we will then be working with locals who have fields that can be cultivated to extend our growing capacities. 

Most of the money raised through this campaign will be used to add to what we have available to secure 629 State Rd and begin returning it to a real farm stand providing fresh local food to the community, beautiful plants and flowers, a huge variety of bulk local foods (flours, dried beans, dried herbs, etc), a more extensive selection of local meats and dairy, a wider array of artisenal foods by local food purveyors. 
The rest will be used for renovations for the existing commercial building, bring it up to code, add walk-in coolers for greens, fresh produce and dairy as well as add a commercial freezer space, renovate the interior with shelving and bins for bulk food sales,  incorporate a small commercial kitchen, renovate the exterior for plant sales and PYO flowers and resurrect the greenhouse on property.   (We are working on getting an estimate on these projects) 
A place where all those fun things we have all been wanting to do on the farm but werent allowed to CAN... 
Farm to Table Dinners; Mini Farmer's Market; Fun Days

***If we are extraordinarily successful with this funding project the ultimate dream is to also purchase the Antique/ Country Store at 627 State Rd so they can be used in conjunction with each other, the antique store being used for the selling of farm antiques and artistry by locals....and maybe if the town lets us, a few indoor acoustic fun evenings ***
Once this project is secured we will work on relocating and bringing Barn Show to a venue in Manomet!

We need these funds ASAP to ensure we get this great location! goal has always been to bring the best locally grown foods to the tables of the local community. It is my mission to create a space that can be enjoyed by many and provides knowledge and exploration of what it means to be connected to one of few life sustaining essentials, food. This project supports the full circle of health, economics, spirit and sustainability. 
Your donations go towards bringing something amazing to the community of Manomet and Plymouth. If everyone who saw the FB link about Holmes Farm closing donated $15 we would be very close to our goal!

All donors will be invited to our
             --Grand Farm Feast in the Fall of 2018--