Holmes Farm                                            Manomet, MA

We salute the Holmes family for working this soil for so long...it certainly has its challenges and reminds oh so often how close to the beach we are with its sandy composition! (That's actually kinda good though so far this season) We grow and start lots of veggies, mostly the varieties we can't source from other places, like heirlooms. We grow as much as we can and are continuing to improve our ability to ask more of this land. We utilize the high tunnel, the greenhouse, and multiple field locations to supply the farm stand. We grow using organic practices but are not certified organic. The farm also has 70+ blueberry bushes and cranberry bogs. There are currently 5 bee hives on the land. Our awesome customers just keep coming! SO your demand for amazing, fresh, seasonal, local food has become more than we are producing and to keep the farm stand well stocked we source from other awesome local farms. Here I have included some info about each but if you want to know more just ask me (Amy), I can tell you about their growing practices, what was sourced from each, etc....We know all our farmers! 


Langwater Farm                                   N. Easton, MA

In the early 1900′s, Langwater Farm was famous for its Guernsey cows and Clydesdale horses. After that, the farm had been mowed for hay until the Ames family decided to seek out a farmer to begin a community farm for the town of Easton. Working with a non-profit organization, the Ames Realty Trust collected proposals from farmers and ultimately chose the O’Dwyer’s to farm the beautiful land at Langwater Farm. 2010 marked the first growing season at Langwater Farm, named as a nod to the rich history of the land.

See more about this certified organic farm at https://langwaterfarm.com/thefarm/ 


Four Town Farm                                     Seekonk, ma

Four Town Farm is a 150 acre vegetable farm located at the points where Seekonk,Ma; Swansea, Ma; Barrington, RI; and East Providence, RI all come together. The original farm was bought around 1900 by David Peck. His daughter Isabel married Frank Clegg, they purchased some land and had a son, Jack. Jack married Eleanore Bernley and together they had four children, Steve, Pete, Jean, and Tom. Steve’s son Chris now represents the fifth generation to work the land. 


Golden Rule Farm              Middleborough, MA

Golden Rule Farm aka Frank Albani from Manomet is located at Soule Homestead. Frank has worked a plot on the Soule Homestead for quite some time and grows amazing certified organic veggies! We love that Frank loves to grow food and we are happy to be able to offer the literal fruits of his labor to you. When you see and taste his Big A** Heads of Lettuce this summer you'll know one of the many reasons we love him. 


Elliot Farm                                                 Lakeville, MA

For the past 23 years, family-owned Elliot Farm has provided southeastern Massachusetts with quality, native produce. Founder Kenneth Elliot, 57, has been farming for over 35 years, and welcomed his two children into the family business at the ripe ages of 10 and 8, now 33 and 31.  Son, Ken, and daughter Deanna spent their summers picking zucchini and weeding rows of sunflowers - all before the morning dew had the chance to dry. Now, as proud co-owners, the siblings are determined to keep agriculture in their community for generations to come. 


CN Smith Farm                               E. Bridgewater, MA

C.N. Smith Farm, located in the town of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, has been a family owned and operated farm for over 80 years.  They are the third generation of farmers carrying on the tradition of providing fresh, local fruit and produce while maintaining open space and farmland in our community.


Red Fire Farm                                                 Granby, MA

The seeds of Red Fire Farm started growing way back with a few wagon loads of pumpkins, hand-picked berries and other gatherings of the young Ryan Voiland and his crew of siblings. Since then, Ryan has learned many things and been able to grow acres of produce and his organic farm business to a significant source of local food for our region.